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Western Conference race

A look at the opponents that remain for the top five teams in the Western Conference, with games against each other in ALL CAPS:


(43-18, .705)

21 games remaining: SACRAMENTO, Golden State, PORTLAND, Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit, PORTLAND, Washington, Dallas, Houston, SAN ANTONIO, Cleveland, Vancouver, LOS ANGELES LAKERS, SACRAMENTO, Dallas, Houston, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minnesota, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix


(41-19, .683)

22 games remaining: UTAH, Orlando, Miami, Philadelphia, Indiana, Houston, Detroit, LOS ANGELES LAKERS, New York, LOS ANGELES LAKERS, Minnesota, Dallas, Milwaukee, UTAH, Vancouver, PORTLAND, Los Angeles Clippers, SAN ANTONIO, Dallas, Phoenix, Vancouver, Denver


(43-19, .694)

20 games remaining: Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota, New Jersey, Houston, PORTLAND, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, UTAH, Milwaukee, Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State, Dallas, SACRAMENTO, Denver, PORTLAND, Seattle


(41-20, .672)

21 games remaining: Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Washington, Orlando, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Washington, SACRAMENTO, Phoenix, SACRAMENTO, Dallas, New York, UTAH, Chicago, Boston, Minnesota, Phoenix, Minnesota, PORTLAND, Denver


(42-21, .667)

19 games remaining: Seattle, Phoenix, UTAH, SAN ANTONIO, Dallas, UTAH, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas, New York, Minnesota, Denver, Minnesota, Golden State, SACRAMENTO, Golden State, Vancouver, Houston, LOS ANGELES LAKERS, SAN ANTONIO