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World Datelines


ALGIERS — Algerian soldiers killed 58 suspected Islamic militants as part of a crackdown on armed groups that have waged a bloody nine-year insurgency, newspapers reported Saturday.


SYDNEY — Powerful storms battered parts of eastern Australia for a third day Saturday, flooding towns, leaving thousands without electricity and claiming at least one life.


BRIDGETOWN — Caribbean leaders are voicing their opposition to U.S. and Canadian plans to hold talks for a hemispheric free-trade zone without the participation of Cuba, saying isolating the communist island is counterproductive.


BOGOTA — Four governors from southern Colombian states urged an immediate halt to U.S.-backed drug crop fumigations, which they say are wrecking the environment and causing families to go hungry.


LONDON — Airport security on Saturday boarded a Pakistani airliner at the center of a bomb scare at the Manchester airport in northern England. Nearly 500 people were evacuated from the jet earlier in the day after an unnamed Pakistani Islamic group phoned the airline to say the plane would explode over the mid-Atlantic, a police spokeswoman said.


TALLINN — The publisher of a leading Russian-language daily newspaper was shot and killed Saturday in one of the highest-profile murders since this former Soviet republic regained independence 10 years ago.


PARIS — Investigating judges have searched France's Foreign Ministry as part of a probe into illicit arms sales to Angola, a case that involves several people who were close to the late President Francois Mitterrand, judicial sources said Saturday.


SRINAGAR — Thirteen people, including four Indian security force personnel and five separatist guerrillas, have been killed in violence in troubled Kashmir region in the past 24 hours, police said on Saturday.


BAGHDAD — Several thousand Iraqis began military training on Saturday to enable them to fight alongside Palestinians in their uprising against Israel, the Iraqi News Agency INA reported on Saturday.


ROME — A day after researchers meeting in Rome vowed to clone babies, an Italian lawmaker condemned them as "Frankenstein doctors" and urged parliament to ratify an international pact banning human cloning.


KUALA LUMPUR — Malay Muslims and ethnic Indians attacked each other Saturday on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital, where three days of clashes have left at least three people dead.


MOSCOW — Russian leaders hope a lengthy visit by Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will bolster arms sales to Tehran — and they can be certain it will further fuel U.S. concerns over the two nations' blossoming ties.


SINGAPORE — Singapore's schools are calling in psychiatrists to help a rising number of students who are "addicted" to surfing the Internet, a newspaper reported Saturday.


CHIANG RAI — Between addiction and trafficking, Thailand is facing a major drug crisis, the prime minister said Saturday, calling on senior officials to come up with a special strategy to fight the problem.


KONCULJ — NATO's bid to negotiate a cease-fire between ethnic Albanian rebels and Yugoslav forces in southern Serbia stalled Saturday, a setback for the alliance in its effort to curb armed clashes around Kosovo's borders.