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Monday, March 12

Jewett Center for Performing Arts (Westminster College ) — The annual Student Art Exhibit through March 24. Opening reception Monday, March 12, at noon.

Friday, March 16

Art Access Gallery* (339 W. Pierpont Ave., 328-0703) — "Utah Designer Craft Alliance Inaugural Exhibit," featuring ceramics, furniture, jewelry, textiles, glass, metal sculptures of 41 artists, through April 13. Opening reception Friday, March 16 from 6-9 p.m., during the monthly Gallery Stroll.

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) — "Mormon Moderne: New Directions in Latter-day Saint Architecture, 1890-1955" will be on display through Sept. 15. Opening reception Friday, March 16 from 7-9 p.m.

Phillips Gallery* (444 E. 200 South, 364-8284) — Paintings by University of Utah art professor John Erickson and two of his former students, Lindsay Frei and Joe Carter. The exhibit runs through April 13. Artists reception Friday, March 16 from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.


16th Street Gallery (1299 E. 4500 South, 263-1460) — Works by Emerett Atzet, Phillip Barlow, G. Russell Case, Norma Forsberg, Laurel Hart, Elva Malin, Ian Ramsey, Kathryn Stats, Shanna Kunz and Cheryl Merkley.

A Gallery (Creekside Place, west of Cottonwood Mall) — New works by Matt Hassing, Brad Overton, Mike Walton and others. Also, a new selection in international glass. All through March.

Alpine Art and the Robin Grey Gallery (430 E. South Temple, 355-1155) — Works by Larry Christensen, Leigh Anne Boye, Rehle Higham, LeConte Stewart and others.

Anderson-Foothill Library (1135 S. 2100 East, 524-8278) — Watercolors by Robin Webber through April 19. Public reception Friday, March 16, from 7-8 p.m.

Art Barn/Finch Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) — Ceramics by Jeffrey Emmerichs, photography by Michael McRae and paintings by Lori Nelson through April 13.

Artisan Gallery (corner of Market Street and Main, 322-5598) — Features functional and artistic paintings, ceramics, sculpture, furniture and lamps by local and national artists.

Atrium Gallery (fifth floor, Salt Lake Public Library, 209 E. 500 South) — "A Mosque and a Pope: Works by Jared Clark," featuring work by Clark, a BFA candidate from BYU, through March 24.

Bibliotech Architecture/Art Bookstore and Gallery (329 W. Pierpont Ave., 236-1010) — Recent works by Travis Tanner through April 5.

Bingham Gallery (1074 E. 2100 South, 832-9220) — Specializing in artwork by American artists of the past 100 years, with special emphasis on Maynard Dixon. Also seen are Claude Buck, Stuart Davis, Severin Roesen and Robert Henri.

C Gallery (466 S. 500 East, 359-8625) — "R is for Ricepaper Landscapes," featuring artwork by Richard Shich, through March 30.

Chapman Library (577 S. 900 West, 524-8285) — "Spirit Art From the Awakened Realm of the Depths of the Human Spirit," featuring work by Sharon Jacobs, through March 30.

Cherry Street Gallery (4790 S. Cherry St., 281-0075) — Artwork by Ken Baxter, Dan Baxter, Ed Begay, Beso, Lary Christensen, Don Coy, Fike Fletcher, Steve Harvey, Jo Gilkey, Julie Jacobsenk Scott Ruston and Lee Anne Walker.

Cordell Taylor Studio/Gallery (575 W. 200 South, 355-0333) — New paintings by Richard Ballard through March 12.

D.B. Gallery (125 E. 6100 South, Murray, 268-9562) — Ongoing exhibit of Utah artists Richard Murray, Dave Keough and Jim Weiss.

Dolores Chase Gallery* (260 S. 200 West, 328-2787) — "Mostly Fantasies," featuring new paintings by Edie Roberson, through April 6. Artist reception Friday, March 16, from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.

Don Brady Drive Through Gallery (1301 S. 2100 East, 582-4500) — Paintings by Kate Harrington.

"E" Street Gallery (82 E. Street, 359-2979) — Handcrafted items by David Marsh, Cruser Rowland, Anton von Haag, Lori Levinson, Jean Ujifusa, Michael Mahoney, Gill Sanders, Maria Elana de Avila and Kriska and. Special ceramics by Giuliana Cosentino Marple through March.

East Millcreek Library (2266 E. Evergreen Ave., 943-4636) — Eleven paintings by John Fetzer through March.

Fine Art Originals by Utah Artists (4766 S. State, Murray, 265-0855) — New watercolors and oils by Yevgeniy Zolotsev. Artist reception Friday, March 30.

Framery (1519 S. 1500 East) — Works by Glania Perova.

F. Weixler Gallery (132 E St., 534-1014) — Works by Valoy Eaton, Harrison Groutage, Kimball Warren, Karl Thomas, Dennis Smith and others.

Holladay Library (2150 E. 4730 South, 943-4636, Ext. 334) — Artwork by Shirley Degles through March.

King's Cottage Gallery (2233 S. 700 East, 486-5019) — Paintings by Susan Gallacher and Rob Adamson.

Left Bank Gallery* (242 S. 200 West, 539-0343) — "Animal Worship," featuring paintings and masks by Heather Wunderlich, through March. Artist reception Friday, March 16, from 6-9 p.m. during monthly Gallery Stroll.

Light Spot (1043 E. 900 South) — "GIGANTI/DRAGHGLI/EROI" (the Giants, the Dragons, the Heroes), featuring glass from Murano, Italy, by artisans Noti Massari, Renato Toso and Roberto Pamio.

Marriott Library (University of Utah) — "Two Private Presses from Verona — Officina Chimrea/Ampersand," featuring illustrated limited editions printed in Italy, through April 26.

Moonbird Studio (353 W. 200 South, Studio No. 301, 322-3816) — Kids' art from Bad Dog Rediscovers America, an urban kids mentoring project. Exhibit is ongoing.

Museum of Church History and Art (45 N. West Temple, 240-2299) — "World Views: Latter-day Saint Artists Look at Life," featuring 24 works of art that convey diverse nature of the church, through February 2002. Also, "The Living Christ," featuring images from Latter-day Saint artists on the life of Jesus, through Sept. 3. Also, "In the Footsteps of Joseph Smith: Photographs of Early Church Historic Sites, 1805-1846," featuring more than 50 photographs from New England and the Midwest, through Oct. 14. Also, "The Spiritual Foundations of Latter-day Saint Art," a long-term exhibit of paintings and sculpture, 1840s-1940s, from the permanent collection.

Nativo (353 W. 200 South, 531-8555) — Contemporary interpretations of antique Victorian jewelry by Cheryl Elliot.

Oasis Cafe — Golden Braid Books (151 S. 500 East, 322-1162) — "Repetitive Nature," featuring oils by Erika Osborn, through March 30.

Q Street Fine Crafts (82 N. Q St., 359-1899) — Fine crafts by Boris Bally, Thomas Mann, Heather Tuttle, Josh Simpson, Alessi, James Stewart and Carla Jimison.

Red Gallery (Artspace Rubber Co., 353 W. 200 South, No. 407, 533-8744) — Works by Lance Clayton, Billy Fever, Tessa Mecham, Ben Fox, Sri Whipple, Sean Graff, Erik Ostling, Martin Novak, Teresa Flowers and Heather Barron.

Repartee Gallery* (ZCMI Center, 364-4809) — Works by James Christensen, Annelies Jonkhard and Anne Marie Oborn.

Retro (1064 E. 2100 South, 485-6020) — Acrylics-serigraphs by Darryl Erdmann. Exhibit ongoing.

Rockwood Art Studios (1062 and 1064 E. 2100 South, 467-3694) — Work by gallery artists.

Riverton Library (12860 S. Redwood, 944-7671) — Paintings by Susan Plouzek through March 31.

Ruth Tyler Library (8280 S. 75 West, Midvale, 278-0913) — Oils by John Brubaker through April.

Salt Lake Art Center* (20 S. West Temple) — Street Gallery: Prints by Koichi Yamamoto, assistant professor of printmaking at Utah State University, through March 24. Main gallery: "The Utah Millennium Project," featuring the photography of 11 Utah artists, through March 18.

Sego Gallery (637 E. 500 South, 328-9848) — New works by Royden Card, John Hughes and Kathy Wilson.

Silvertip Gallery (664 Union Square, Sandy, 571-9504) — Ongoing exhibition of sculpture by William L. Jorgensen, Dee Jorgensen, R.L. Blair, Victor Reece, Avard Fairbanks and Shawn Beeler.

Sugar Post Pottery (1950 S. 1100 E., 832-9235) — Studio and gallery exhibiting pottery by Ben Behunin and Fred Conlon.

The Stable/Fine Arts (132 E St., 355-6872) — Portrait paintings by William Whitaker and other artist's paintings showing continuously.

Tivoli Gallery* (255 S. State, 521-6288) — Featuring original works by Joan White, Elva Malin, Norma Forsberg, Ken Spencer, Carol Evans, Ian Ramsey, Ken Baxter, Dan Baxter, Fred Crawford, Stephen Hedgepeth, Ursula Brodauf, Louis Heinzman, Cyrus Dallin, John Hafen and Mahonri Young.

Twiggs & Moore Art Gallery (Gardner Historic Village, 1095 W. 7800 South, West Jordan, 255-3004) — Works by Greg Olsen, James Christensen, Arnold Friberg, Nancy Glazier and others. Exhibit ongoing.

Union Gallery (Olpin Student Union, University of Utah, 245 University Union, 581-7469) — "(Re)Constructing Activism," featuring photography by Tracy Longely-Cook of Utah women activists, through March 23.

University Hospital (Medical Drive, second floor) — Original surrealist works by Ernst, Matta and Dali from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts permanent collection. The exhibit will run through April 11.

Warner Bros. Gallery (Fashion Place Mall, 6191 S. State, 262-6128) — Original animation art, production cels and limited-edition collectibles by Hanna-Barbera, Chuck Jones, Fritz Freleng, Ron Lee and DC artist Alex Ross.

Williams Fine Art* (Main Lobby, Eagle Gate Plaza, 60 E. South Temple, 534-0331) — Recently acquired works by Maynard Dixon, J.T. Harwood, LeConte Stewart and John Hafen. Also, works by contemporary Utah artists.

* Members of the Salt Lake Gallery Association.


Art of the Earth (100 S. 650 West, Suite 8, Heber, 541-9106) — Works by students and unknown artists.

Avena Center (Dixie State College, Cox Auditorium) — The 14th annual "Robert N. and Peggy Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show" through March 24.

Bountiful/Davis Art Center (745 S. Main, Bountiful, 292-0367) — "Ascent," featuring vertical sculptures by Allen Bishop, Jeff Juhlin and Philip Richardson. Also, "So Far . . . ," featuring works in oil and acrylic by Cary Henrie and drawings and watercolors by Osral Allred. All exhibits will run through March 30.

The Coda Gallery (804 Main, Park City, 1-435-655-3803) — David Dornan, Chris Young, Brad Aldridge, Paul and Silvia Davis, Ray Hare, Patty Kimball, Ron Richmond, Doug Himes, A.D. Shaw, Dennis Smith and many others. The gallery also shows jewelry, glasswork and fabrics.

Denver Art Museum (100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway, Denver, 1-303-640-2466) — "Winslow Homer Facing Nature," featuring 46 watercolors, oils, illustrations and engravings, and "Ikat: Splendid Silks of Central Asia from the Guido Goldman," featuring ikat textiles, through April 29.

Eccles Community Art Center (2580 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 392-6935) — Main gallery: The 12th Statewide Photographic Competition; Carriage House gallery: Prints by Adrian Van Suchtelen. Both exhibits run through March 31.

Edelweiss Gallery (65 E. Main, Midway, 1-435-654-1335) — Impressionistic florals and rural scenes in plein-air by David and Sherry Omans.

Fairview Museum of History & Art (85 N. 100 East, Fairview, 427-9216) — Some 200 works from the museum collection. Also, historical and sacred sculpture by Avard Fairbanks.

Kimball Art Center (638 Park Ave., Park City, 1-435-649-8882) — Main gallery: "Hot Glass on Ice," featuring works by the Utah Glass Arts Guild, and "Inspiration," featuring photography by David Whitten, through April 1. Badami gallery: Photography by Patrick Cone through March 19.

Little Gallery (Chase Fine Arts Gallery, Utah State University, Logan) — "Leaf Portraits," featuring the photography of Howard Steinberg, through March 31.

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) — "Pastoral Utah," featuring landscape paintings from the museum's permanent collection, through Aug. 25. Also, "Escape to Reality: The Western World of Maynard Dixon" and "Dorothea Lange: Human Documents" through Nov. 3. Also, "150 Years of American Painting," artwork from BYU's permanent collection.

Myra Powell Gallery (Union Station, 2501 Wall Ave., Ogden, 629-8444) — Artworks by Heidi Aksins, Meri Ploetz and Heidi Moller Somsen through March.

National Wildlife Art Museum (2820 Rungius Road, Jackson Hole, Wyo., 1-307-773-5771) — "Desert Tracks: Wildlife of the American Southwest," featuring work by national wildlife artists, through June 17.

Peteetneet Art Gallery (10 N. Peteetneet Blvd. (600 East), Payson, 465-3579) — "Men in Suits: Paintings by Wayne G. Pullan" through March 13.

Springville Museum of Art (126 E. 400 South, Springville, 489-2727) — "29th Annual High School Art Exhibition 2001," featuring artwork by high school students from all over the state of Utah, through April 1.

Studio 55 (55 N. Main, Bountiful, 295-9559) — "Mural Prints," featuring large, black and white photographs by Melissa Abram, through March 29. Also, works by Chris Maynes, Anne Marie Oborn, Ryan Worsley, Lee Miner, Robert Colvin and Carl Oelerich showing continuously.

St. George Art Museum (47 E. 200 North, St. George, 1-435-634-5942) — Main gallery: "A Handmade Heritage: American Historic Quilts from the Collection of Gloria Charles" and "Wave of Weaves: From the Collections of Eight Southern Utah Weavers" through March 17.

Taminah Gallery (608 Main, Park City, 1-435-655-3264) — Artwork by Steve Songer.

Torrey Gallery (80 E. Main, Torrey, 1-435-425-3909) — Works by artists who live in or are influenced by the Capitol Reef area: Doug Snow, Tony Smith, Paul Davis, Sylvia Davis, Wulf Barsch, Bonnie Posselli, Carol Brown, Patricia Kimball, Doug Braithwaite, David Muench, John Telford, Susan Beck, Scott Peterson and Lyman Whitaker.

Utah State University (Merrill Library, campus) — "Lifting the Veil: The Graphic Art of R.P. Bissland" through March 31.

Weber State University Art Gallery (Collett Art Building, WSU campus, Ogden, 626-7689)

Worthington Gallery (789 Zion Park Blvd., Springdale, 1-435-772-3446) — Pottery by Greg Worthington, Jim Stewart, Bruce Larrabee and Suzanne Storer. Also, paintings by Willamarie Huelskamp and sculptures by Lyman Whitaker.


The Pastel Society of Utah announces a call for entries for its Fourth Annual Statewide Competition. The juried show will be held at Tivoli Gallery, 255 S. State, from April 13 to May 11. Entries will be accepted on April 7 from noon-4 p.m. Entry forms are now available at the gallery.

The Salt Lake Art Council reminds all visual artists to submit applications for the next exhibition season in the Finch Lane Gallery/Art Barn, November 2001 through October 2002 by March 12. For more information call 596-5000.

The Kimball Art Center announces a call for entries for the Cadillac Park Art Festival, scheduled for Aug. 4-5. Categories include ceramics, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and wood. Call 1-435-649-8882 for more information.

Davis Chamber of Commerce announces a call for entries for its 8th Annual LeConte Stewart Art Competition and Exhibition. All Davis County artists, high school age and older, amateur or professional, are eligible. Artwork must have been completed within the last 12 months. For deadline information call Jarolen Brough, 546-1729, or Carol Taylor, 593-0783.

Weber County is soliciting proposals for the creation of a site specific sculpture for the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden. For information on the project contact Cathleen Dressier at 801-399-8567.

Museum of Church History and Art announces a call for entries for its Sixth International Art Competition and Exhibit — "Latter-day Saints, Yesterday and Today: Belief, History, Life." For entry forms and contest information, call the museum at 240-3310.

The Art Barn has applications available on Wednesday for artists wishing to exhibit at the Finch Lane Gallery during the November 2001 through October 2002 season. To receive an application, call 596-5000.