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Please, don't turn girl away

The story of K.C. Matthews is a profoundly sad one in which the corporate greed of IHC is obvious. I thought that IHC was supposed to be a "not-for-profit" institution. A little saving face, I think, is in order here.

Something tells me that if one of the executives of IHC were to have a child in a similar predicament, faced with the possibility of a life with silence, the outcome would be much different, regardless of what the rules of their insurance were. It is so sad that such a life-changing operation should be excluded from insurance on the basis of cost. What about the cost to Katie? To her parents?

Come on, IHC, you have the power here to make a little girl's life experience full of the joy of sound and of independence without so much heartache and struggle on the part of her family. That is priceless!

Frances Nowland

West Point