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Accountant is charged in IHC theft

An accountant at Intermountain Health Care's rehabilitation clinics has been charged with taking more than $50,000 from the company.

Martin Ernest Evers, 46, Cottonwood Heights, was charged last month in 3rd District Court with theft by deception, a second-degree felony.

Evers was the chief operating officer of IHC's Rehabilitation Services. An internal audit found that between 1996 and 1999, $58,181.90 was taken from IHC, court documents state.

Evers allegedly submitted fraudulent expenses for seminars he didn't attend; submitted unapproved bonus payments; and submitted invoices for a significant amount of merchandise, which included embroidered bags, never delivered to IHC. Evers and his wife own an embroidery company.

Evers told the director of IHC's Internal Audit he didn't attend two of the seminars, court documents state, and he doesn't have records of the third seminar. He allegedly admitted to keeping the money from the seminars he didn't attend. He also allegedly admitted IHC didn't receive the embroidered bags. He admitted he had been double-paid on another seminar, court documents state.

Evers had been a bank controller in Sacramento, Calif., and "did some things that weren't right," court documents state. Evers said he repaid money taken and was placed on probation. Evers told authorities he thought he had licked the problem and that he should not do any more accounting, court documents state.

While IHC would not comment on specifics on the case, in a prepared statement it said Evers resigned from IHC in 1999 after working there five years. A routine internal audit found evidence of the possible misuse of the money, the statement said.