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Hunting is abomination

Ho hum, Mr. Allen! We are exposed to yet another fairy tale. Would that it were possible to read your philosophical treatise to my cousin, but sadly, he is not here for us to do so. If you will recall, he was shot and killed by his young friend while the boy was practicing the "art" of killing.

Ironically, the boy's father was out at the time, buying another hunting rifle, so he and his son could prove to the world their hunting prowess.

Then, of course, you allude to quality time in the woods with your impressionable, and often horrified, children, who don't need (and often don't want) to be taught the finer points of killing. There are too many documented reports of kids decimating the animal population to prove to their hunter parents that they have the guts to be as brutal and cruel as those who are setting the example for them. Often, they expand their expertise to humans.

There's nothing that can be done by me alone, but perhaps society will wake up and do something about this abomination. And soon.

Alice Smith

Salt Lake City