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Narrowing road is bad idea

Traffic calming? Reduce traffic accidents? Create on-street parking? Great, let's start by making a parking lot out of 900 East between 1300 and 400 South. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to anticipate the inevitable traffic mess on 900 East this morning.

If you want to create pressure on your garden hose, screw on a nozzle and back up the water. If you want to take twice as long to move fluid through a funnel, use one with a narrower neck. Do we have to suffer with this madness just because we have a logic-impaired mayor?

Fifth South has already been compromised as an efficient mover of traffic now that it also serves as a parking lot. Please, isn't there anyone out there in the traffic engineering department with a modicum of common sense?

When I-15 was compromised due to construction, extra lanes were put in Redwood Road and State to help accommodate the increased traffic. Use the already too wide "parking" strips on 900 East to create the needed on-street parking and the desperately needed additional left and right turn lanes. How about (gasp) synchronizing the traffic lights to accommodate the street with the higher volume of traffic?

If you wish to save the heart patient, increase the narrowed arterial flow. Please don't buy into this arbitrary madness that reducing arterial flow will achieve any of the above mentioned goals. Problems on 900 East? Absolutely! But please, don't exacerbate them, make them better.

John H. Fawcett

Salt Lake City