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Money isn't schools' answer

Hurray for our noble and far-sighted governor and state Legislature! They finally gave more money to our neglected students and abused teachers. Now the level of education in our state can really take off!

The ink was hardly dry on this UEA-inspired legislation before our poor, neglected students and teachers had the educational experiences of being bused all the way from St. George to Park City to observe a snowboarding competition. Twelve thousand students got bused all across the state to be a part of this education experience! How is that for a wise use of our educational dollars?

Of course, we can now buy more books to put on our classroom shelves, to gather more dust, while the "students" can now enjoy even less time in the classroom and more time being entertained in more exciting and expensive ways! This is progress for sure!

Forget the silly idea that rules should be made regulating the number of days a students is required to spend in the classroom. Forget the idea that money given to "education" should have requirements attached that limit the number of field trips a school can take!

And what did this recent increase in the education budget say about allowing parents the choice of moving their children from a fun-filled school to a " voucher" school that would give their children the necessary education to prepare them for life ahead? And how did they address the issue of a merit system whereby our schools can eliminate inadequate teachers and reward those who are doing an excellent job? Is this the kind of progress our children deserve? Is this what our state government considers good use of the taxpayers' money? What is it going to take to really improve the education of our children?

When will the silent majority let themselves be heard and start making a difference? I hope it will not be too much longer, as our future generations depend on our citizens doing something definitive before it is too late. Obviously throwing more money at the problem is not the answer — it just makes school more entertaining! It is time for courageous action!

Pauline Sharp

New Harmony