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Ventura is 'on thin ice' as announcer for XFL

LOS ANGELES — Gov. Jesse Ventura's weekend job as an announcer for the XFL may be in jeopardy.

"He's on thin ice," league founder Vince McMahon told the Los Angeles Times in a report Thursday.

McMahon said organizers of the struggling league have made mistakes and that one of the biggest "was our selection of announcers. We need football announcers, not WWF announcers."

Ventura, a former professional wrestler, gained fame as a commentator for McMahon's World Wrestling Federation.

McMahon said research shows people don't like Ventura as an XFL announcer and that he's too "over the top."

"Hyperbole turns people off. They know when you're not telling the truth," McMahon said.

A call Wednesday by The Associated Press to Ventura's personal attorney, David Bradley Olsen, was not immediately returned.

The XFL's ratings have slipped since the league's opening weekend, and McMahon said the league now plans to put more emphasis on football and less on what is viewed as the WWF aspect of the XFL.

"We've got a wonderful league here, and we're in it for the long haul," McMahon told the Times. "I hope NBC hangs in there with us."