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Dig the crazy rhythm as Charles turns DJ

The Prince of Wales is now king of the turntables.

Prince Charles played disc jockey Tuesday as he visited a center for homeless youth supported by his Prince of Wales Trust.

The 52-year-old heir to the throne tried his hand at "scratching" on the turntables while at the Centrepoint shelter in London.

"Dig that crazy rhythm," the prince exclaimed as he blended DJ Dee Kline's dance hit "I Don't Smoke" with "Little Man" by Long Lost Brother.

Pressing a set of earphones to his head he added: "Are you insane?"

Afterward, the teenagers expressed their approval.

"He's got big hands, which are very important for mixing," said an 18-year-old who gave his name as Darren.

"He told us William was a big fan of this kind of thing, but if Charles got a set of decks in his bedroom I think he could show his children a thing or two."

On Monday night, celebrities including Sting, Mick Jagger and Sir Elton John attended a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Prince's Trust, which helps disadvantaged young people with education, training and starting their own businesses.