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64-year-old found 9 days after household accident

VAN WERT, Ohio (AP) — A man missing for nine days was in good shape Wednesday night after police stopped him driving out of a Wal-Mart parking lot in this city about 45 miles from his Deshler home.

"He was clean-shaven. He has full use of both arms and both legs," said Dorothy Houck, sister-in-law of the missing man.

Police said they did not know where 64-year-old Richard Burner had been since his disappearance but thought he may have become disoriented and drove from his home after being injured in a fall.

They found Burner's toupee, his gloves and a few bloodstained paper towels on the ground near his barn.

"He did recognize his family when they came. He remembers falling and hitting his head, and he remembers driving, but other than that it's all he knows," Houck said Wednesday.

"I'm glad he's alive. When the call came in that he was found, the family was at a prayer meeting," Houck said.