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Tube notes

Wedding bells

NO POSTPONEMENT: Despite Matthew Perry's current stay in a rehab center, it appears that he will be back in time for the wedding of his character, Chandler, to Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) — an hourlong season finale that will air on May 17.

Actually, Perry will apparently be in most if not all of the episodes through the end of the season. He had filmed scenes for several upcoming episodes before he entered rehab because he was supposed to be working on a movie, and he may return in time to film scenes that would be inserted in other shows.

Whatever happens to the show, let's just hope Perry gets his prescription drug problem taken care of.

Pilot season

"ELLEN AGAIN": That's the title of the sitcom pilot Ellen DeGeneres is working on for CBS. She'll play a lesbian who leaves the big city to return to her small-town roots — which sounds like a gender-reversal of John Goodman's recent big-time bomb "Normal, Ohio." Cloris Leachman plays her mom.

ALSO OUT OF THE CLOSET: Ken Olin is starring in a CBS sitcom pilot titled "Say Uncle" — he's playing a gay man who suddenly is faced with raising his 12-year-old nephew and 10-year-old niece. Olin is best known for his role as Michael on "thirtysomething." And, given that Michael was married to the perpetually whiny, ungrateful Hope (Mel Harris), who could be surprised he'd swear off women?

NO LITTLE OLD LADIES: NBC failed with "Titans," but Fox is taking another shot at reviving the prime-time soap opera with a pilot titled "Pasadena," which features the members of a publishing dynasty. Diane Keaton is directing, and the cast includes Dana Delany ("China Beach") and Natasha Gregson Wagner.