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Missionary, dad improve

The condition of Elder Bradley Green, a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his father, Garth Green — both shot by robbers Saturday in a suburb of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil — continues to improve, according to family members.

Lori Yardley, oldest daughter of Garth Green, said Thursday morning her latest information is that the two men, both of Cedar City, have been sitting up, talking and even joking at the Samaritan Hospital in Rio.

"My dad has been walking," said Yardley, also of Cedar City.

The main concern still centers on whether Elder Green's liver, intestines and stomach, struck by bullets, are operating adequately. She said that's what doctors are waiting to make a decision on and they estimate he will spend at least another week in the hospital.

Both men are still in intensive care, but Yardley said her father will be taken out of intensive care once another room is available.

The two men were wounded by gunfire after they inadvertently traveled into one of the Rio's worst neighborhoods after dark. Wendy Green, mother of Elder Green and wife of Garth Green, was also in the rental car but was not injured. The parents had been touring the area after their son had completed his two-year LDS Church mission.