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Layton High suspends 6 in hazing of 4 sophomores

Officials at Layton High School have suspended six seniors in connection with three hazing incidents and are trying to figure out if there were any more.

"The (Davis School) District policy is no hazing allowed in schools," said Chris Williams, the district's community relations specialist. "We take a pretty harsh stance on that. We just can't stand for the activity."

The alleged hazings were by seniors against the high school's youngest class: sophomores.

"Two (of the hazers) were girls. They were suspended for three days because they wrote "sophomore" on the foreheads of two other girls," said Williams.

Four others suspended were senior boys. They're being accused of paddling two sophomore boys on the buttocks. The case was turned over to the district's Case Management Team, "a team that handles all disciplinary action that warrants some investigation, (such as) talking to the kids and looking into past history," Williams said.

Police started investigating the hazings Tuesday, after school administration notified them of a possible paddling.

Wednesday, school officials learned of another paddling, and police are also investigating that, Lt. Quinn Moyes said.

"We're treating it seriously and looking into it," Moyes said, adding that nobody has been arrested. Parents of the accused seniors have been notified of the investigations.

School officials and Layton Police don't believe the hazings are related to sports.

"There's a sophomore week going on," Williams said, adding this special activity may have prompted the hazings.

The hazings were brought to the attention of officials when a parent called the school, Williams said.