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2 more suspects sought in bombing of USS Cole

SAN'A, Yemen (AP) — American and Yemeni investigators have located the hiding places of two more suspects in the bombing of a U.S. warship and are trying to catch them, Yemen's interior minister said in comments published Thursday.

Hussein Mohammad Arab said the two were being sought outside Yemen but did not say where.

Arab, whose comments were published in September 26, the official ministry newspaper, also said that the two countries have agreed that the trial of eight other suspects imprisoned in Yemen would begin at the end of this month. He did not give an exact date.

Of the two new suspects, Arab identified only one — naming him as Mohammed Omar al-Harazi. He is one of at least three suspects still at large and was believed to have fled to Afghanistan.

Al-Harazi, also known as Abdul Rahman Hussein al-Saafani, is suspected of giving telephone orders from the United Arab Emirates during the planning stages of the attack on the Cole and arranging to wire money to cover expenses.

The Oct. 12 attack on the Cole in Yemen's Aden harbor killed 17 U.S. sailors and wounded 39.

Arab also confirmed previous reports that investigators probing the bombing are seeking a number of suspects based in Britain and Germany.