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Davis and Salt Lake county dateline briefs


Bountiful residents will soon be paying an extra $3 per month on their utility bills to help with the cost of improving and maintaining the city's storm-drain system.

At an information meeting Wednesday night in the City Council chambers, several condominium association representatives expressed concern with the new fee, which is planned to go into effect July 1.

While single-family homes will be charged a flat fee of $3 each month regardless of their location or size, schools, churches, businesses and multiple-family entities will be charged according to how much surface area on the property is considered "impervious," which includes pavement, compacted gravel or dirt, patio surface and artificial turf. Several of those entities will pay $40 or more each month.

Some condominium representatives at the meeting said they thought the fee system was inequitable, and that because the condos are responsible for their own snow removal and other services normally covered by the city, they should receive some kind of tax credit.

Paul Rowland, the city's public works director and engineer, said the city wanted to give warning to those entities that would be paying the higher cost or passing on a cost to renters. The city sent out letters to all properties that had more than 10 times the impervious surface area of an average home, or those that would be charged more than $30 per month. In all, 121 letters were sent out to inform those property owners of Wednesday's meeting, but so far the majority of concerns have come from condo associations.

Salt Lake City

A Delta Air Lines flight to Detroit was delayed more than two hours Thursday when a suspicious smell forced its return to the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The commercial airliner departed Salt Lake at 10:10 a.m. but immediately returned to the airport because the cabin smelled of smoke, Delta Air Lines spokeswoman Cindi Kurczewski said.

Officials determined the smell was coming from a faulty oven in first-class area, Kurczewski said.

The plane landed without incident and taxied to the gate, airport duty manager Norm Thompson said. The same aircraft was determined safe for travel and made its second departure at 12:30 p.m., Kurczewski said.

South Salt Lake

After numerous complaints about including residential areas in a proposed redevelopment area, the Redevelopment Agency has decided to focus the project almost exclusively on commercial properties.

The Redevelopment Agency, which is comprised of City Council members, voted unanimously last week to remove Silver Avenue, 3400 South and residences on 300 West and along State Street from the 3300 South RDA. The decision came after yet another extensive public hearing, during which a number of residents repeated their concerns about the RDA.

The city is asking for the RDA as a way to find an occupant for the long-empty Fred Meyer store on the corner of 3300 South and State Street. It also is hoping to attract new tenants to a number of other empty businesses and the Wasatch Steel facility.

West Valley City

With the animal shelter as a thermometer, it seems the cat population is really heating up.

In one day this week, 26 cats were brought into the city's shelter. That's normally the number received in a week.

"About half of those cats were feral (wild)," said shelter manager Celia Georgi, "and since we're already seeing kittens coming in, we know that it's going to be a long spring season." A mild winter has contributed to the breeding season.

Normally, animals brought into the shelter are held for three days to give owners a chance to claim them. After that, unclaimed animals are put up for adoption. Feral animals are usually too wild to be adopted and must be euthanized, said Georgi.

People with stray or feral animal problems can rent live capture traps from the shelter.

West Valley City's shelter, 4063 S. 7200 West, is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Adoption fees are $70 for dogs and $40 for cats, which includes the cost of vaccinations and sterilization.