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BYU Management Society honors two

WASHINGTON, D.C. — More than 600 invited guests — including members of Congress, diplomats and business leaders — attended the 17th Annual BYU Management Society Dinner which this year honored U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards. Both are members of the Church. Sen. Reid, D-Nevada, in his third term and currently Assistant Minority Leader in the Senate, received the Distinguished Public Service Award for his work as a public servant. Brother Edwards received the Distinguished Business Leader Award.

In his acceptance address at the March 3 event, Sen. Reid remarked that although he was a Utah State University Aggie, he has sent his five children to BYU. The senator tailored his remarks for the many international guests in the audience. He said, "We have more than 100 temples in over 30 countries, and with more than half of our Church members living outside the United States, it is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

"I'm honored to receive this award from an organization that has done so much good for so many people, through its work with BYU and with the Marriott School of Management, and through its efforts to bring together people from all over the world and all walks of life with a shared interest in the future of our communities, our nations and the world."

Former BYU football player Trevor Matich presented Brother Edwards with his award. He described the influence coach Edwards had as "a man you wanted to please because you respected his life both on and off the field. He made it his life's work to make men of character out of the boys that stepped into those BYU uniforms."