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Uruguay's president tours new Montevideo temple

Church's moral values are a guide for families, he says

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — The president of Uruguay was among the many who participated in the Montevideo Uruguay Temple open house.

President Jorge Batlle toured the temple March 6 and walked away impressed by the spirit of the holy edifice. He was guided through the temple by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy and president of the South America South Area.

Elder Jensen and other Church leaders walked with President Batlle and his entourage from room to room, talking about gospel principles such as baptism for the dead, the plan of salvation and eternal families. Reverence filled the temple when the group enjoyed a few moments of silence in the celestial room.

Outside the temple, President Batlle said the temple was a place where moral values were evident.

"These values should constitute a guide for our families and each one of us," President Batlle said.

"All around the world, people are searching for these principles; these principles should be embraced by these people, by their societies and by their leaders," he added.

The Uruguayan leader said his country enjoys a long tradition of religious freedom.

Elder Jensen complimented the Uruguayan members for the manner the temple open house was conducted.

"We know the temple will be a blessing — not only for the members, but for all of Uruguay," he said.

Luis Alberto Lacalle, a former president of Uruguay; and the country's minister of education and culture, Antonio Mercader, also toured the temple.

President Gordon B. Hinckley will dedicate the Montevideo Uruguay Temple on Sunday, March 18.