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Temple president

E. Louis and Doris Jane Butler

E. Louis Butler, 65, Ralston-LaVista Ward, Omaha Nebraska Papillion Stake, called as president of the new Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple, which will be dedicated April 22. President Butler's wife, Doris Jane Book Butler, will serve as temple matron. President Butler is president of the Omaha Nebraska Papillion Stake and is a former high councilor, bishop, and ward and stake Young Men president. He also served on the Boy Scouts of America region council. He retired from serving as general director of security and hazardous material management for Union Pacific Railroad. He was born in Emmett, Idaho, to Neri Louis and Ethel Louise Shinn Butler. Sister Butler is a former ward and stake Young Women president, stake Relief Society president's counselor, ward Primary president and temple worker. She was born in Kuna, Idaho, to Efton Lawrence and Rosa Jane Davis Book.