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We need fluoridated water

What is it with the City Council of Clearfield actually wanting to keep fluoride out of the water? I cannot believe that city leaders would knowingly want to discourage a simple, very inexpensive solution to improving dental care among the citizens.

We are new to Utah and were surprised that the water here does not have fluoride added. In our previous home, we had fluoride added to the water. We have six children and have had zero dental problems in 12 years. Now, only four months after moving to Utah, we have had two incidents of cavities in our children, and my wife, who has never had a cavity in her entire life, discovered a small one forming.

We are fortunate because we have family members who will provide the care to repair these problems at substantial savings, but there must be hundreds and, I suspect, thousands of children in this valley who are not so fortunate and who will have serious dental problems throughout their lives because of a lack of fluoride in the water.

Listen to the health-care industry. I tend to trust the advice of those who have little to gain from good health other than their own lost income.

Jim Walton