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Man with knife is shot, deputies hurt during arrest

WASHINGTON, Washington County — A man with a knife was shot and two deputies wounded during an arrest Friday night.

It is the first time in more than 20 years that local police recall an officer using deadly force.

A 23-year-old St. George man underwent surgery for a broken bone in his left forearm and wounds to his thumb and hand after being shot. He was listed in stable condition in a local hospital.

Deputy Greg Lemmon fired twice with his service pistol after the man attacked him and another deputy with a 4-inch folding knife, said Washington County Sheriff Kirk Smith.

Deputy Ryan Lee was slashed on the arm and hand. Both Lemmon and Lee were treated at the hospital for minor knife wounds and released.

The man had been the subject of two 911 calls Friday by his parents, who were frightened by his behavior, Smith said. He was reportedly throwing rocks and breaking windows at his parents' home.

When the deputies responded, the man fled with the officers and his father in pursuit. He was found nearby at a Washington city storage yard. When the officers tried to arrest him, he pulled the knife, injuring both as they tried to subdue him on the ground. As they withdrew, Lemmon fired twice, Smith said.

The man had two or three white socks, saturated in some sort of solvent that police said he was sniffing.

Both deputies, who each have less than three years on the job, are on paid administrative leave, as is routine in officer-involved shootings.