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Napster hurt album, Usher says

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Singer-actor Usher Raymond says Napster, the online music-swapping company, forced him to scrap much of the material on his new album.

Known simply as Usher, the 21-year-old said he was scheduled to release his new album last month, but pushed back the release and started over after the material was leaked to Napster in January.

A judge recently ordered the company to block the exchange of 135,000 copyrighted songs.

"All of the songs that were on Napster have been dropped. We're cutting completely new tracks," he told The Associated Press during a recent taping of "mtvICON," a tribute to Janet Jackson.

"I couldn't do that to the fans, release an album that they have already heard."

Usher, who has appeared in the films "Light It Up" and "She's All That," said the yet-to-be-titled album will come out this summer.