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Why is S.L. closing schools?

The Salt Lake City Board of Education has "finally" voted to close three elementary schools. During the discussion immediately preceding that vote, Superintendent Darline Robles gave the board some recommendations for the timeline it ought to follow.

Once the board decides which three schools will be closed, it will need to allow at least 18 months before the closures are enacted. Why? Because the schools that will receive the displaced students may need to have some work done on them. For example, Robles said, they may need to erect portable classrooms to accommodate the expanded enrollment.

Excuse me? We're closing three schools so that our children can be crammed into portable classrooms?

If they keep this up, Salt Lake City School District will soon have to close even more schools, because all the students will have departed for home-schooling, private schools or public schools in other districts. Just think of the fabulous cost savings!

MaryBeth J. Clark

Salt Lake City