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St. George area officers arrest 25, 'put a kink' in drug flow

ST. GEORGE (AP) — More than 30 officers from area law enforcement agencies teamed up to make 25 drug arrests Sunday.

"This is going make it a little tough to get drugs (in Washington County)," St. George police Lt. Russell Riggs said. "We're not going to stop the flow, but we're going to put a kink in it."

Riggs said it had been between eight and 10 years since Washington County officers served so many arrest warrants at one time.

"After that (last roundup), it was pretty hard to buy drugs (here) for a little while," he said.

He said the group did the roundup on Sunday because of the greater likelihood of finding the suspects at home.

The officers had arrest warrants for 31 suspects and expect to get the ones they missed Sunday some other time.

At one residence, the officers did not find the two people they were looking for, but they discovered the man now living there was wanted by the Navy for desertion. He also was taken into custody.

The officers added charges of distribution of marijuana on five people and charged three people with interfering with officers. They also collected four guns.

Hurricane Detective Shayne Copeland said when officers arrested one man, they discovered methamphetamine inside his crutches, a gun under his pillow and two more guns in his house.