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Slug from accidental firing rips through 2 apartments

WEST VALLEY CITY — Some residents of the Shadowbrook Apartments, 3852 S. 1845 West, got a scare Sunday night when a bullet ripped through their apartments.

A resident in a ground-level apartment called police about 8:30 p.m. after he thought he was being shot at, said West Valley Police Lt. Charles Illsley. When investigators looked at his apartment, they saw a bullet hole in the ceiling and went upstairs to talk to the resident above him.

While checking out that apartment, they found another bullet hole in the ceiling of the second-floor apartment. After they walked up to the third floor apartment, they found a man who had been cleaning his 9 mm pistol and accidently fired a round.

No one was injured. It's unlikely the man will be charged with anything, Illsley said.