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Yarrow using song to help fight bullying

Peter Yarrow is singing a new tune these days — about ending bullying in school.

Yarrow, 62, of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary, took his crusade to a conference of Pennsylvania middle school teachers last week.

He sang an anti-bullying song, "Don't Laugh at Me," written by Allen Shamblin and Steve Seskin. The song includes the lyrics, "Don't laugh at me, don't call me names/Don't get your pleasure from my pain."

Yarrow wants schools to teach children to stop bullying by using a special curriculum. "Teasing and bullying are not new, but it's new to see it reach such a level of intensity," he said.

"It's not enough to read and write and work on a computer. If they don't have compassion in their hearts, what kind of decisions are they going to make?"