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Sex carries responsibility

I found Karrie Galloway's letter to the editor about the safe relinquishment law both offensive and ludicrous. Ms. Galloway claims that "baby abandonment is a signal that the system has failed a woman and her baby." I believe this statement is absolutely untrue.

What she has failed to realize is that society does not force men and women to have unprotected sex. It is not the fault of our government when a woman becomes pregnant due to poor choices. Every action has a consequence — good or bad.

When people choose to have unprotected sex, the consequences are devastating. Yet these people often say that the government has failed them by allowing them to take full responsibility for their actions.

A well-functioning society is one that allows all individuals to accept the natural and appropriate consequences for their own actions. To blame our government when a woman has abandoned her baby is wrong, for it removes all responsibility from the person who has committed the tragic act.

Furthermore, I believe that Ms. Galloway is incorrect in assuming that our government does not provide adequate information about pregnancy resources. I have seen a consistent attempt in this state to reach expectant mothers with information, help and support.

Tiffany Wacaser