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Why would evolution occur?

I found Dennis Dalley's letter (Feb. 21, "Why is creationism hidden?") excellent. We hear far too much from the enemies of belief in God, while the many and serious problems with the idea of evolution are carefully ignored.

Dogs have padding on their feet, which protects them from injury while traveling over rough terrain. Plants have leaves, filled with light-trapping chlorophyll, stretching skyward for energy. People have white blood cells and myriad other chemical and cellular properties that protect us from disease and infection. Of course, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other such examples.

The question I have for the evolutionists is simply this: Why? Let us assume that nature and the environment are capable of bringing these "adaptations" about. Suppose it did happen by itself. The question remains, why? If there is no intelligence behind it, how is it that nature cares whether or not dogs go around with bloodied feet? So plants shrivel and die without a source of energy and nourishment. Who cares? The environment? How? It has no intelligence.

All things denote there is a God. But because of conspiring individuals and institutions, society at large is kept in a spiritual dark age where the learning of evolution is compulsory and any mention of God in the schools is forbidden.

Dan McIntyre