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Hints from Heloise: Ideas for pet owners

Dear Readers: Michelle Hussey from Louisville, Ky., sent in some hints to help pet sitters and owners:

Before leaving, call your vet and give the information about where you are going and who is taking care of your pet.

Clean and change the litter boxes so the pet sitter doesn't have to do anything but scoop for a couple of days.

Put the pet food (or any treats or medications — H) and can opener in a handy place where it can be found easily.

Most important, leave a copy of your flight times and phone numbers where you can be reached.

Here's an added hint from me: Write down any special instructions or routines like treats, daily brushing or "likes to nap in lap," so your pet will be comfortable.


Dear Readers: Molly Powers from Lyons, Colo., sent a photo of her son Robin and cat Dust Bunny, posing exactly the same, with heads and "hands" hanging over a bedrail. No monkey see, monkey do here — it is kitty see, kitty do!

Send your unusual, fun pet photo to Heloise/Pet Photo, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX, 78279-5000. If you want the photo returned, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


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