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Iomega purchases software firm in multimillion-dollar expansion

ROY (Reuters) — Portable Zip disk drive maker Iomega Corp. has purchased software developer Asimware Innovations Inc. in a multimillion-dollar deal to expand its new software business, Iomega announced on Thursday.

Iomega spokesman Chris Romoser declined to specify the value of the transaction.

Roy-based Iomega, known for its Zip disks, expected to introduce bundled and stand-alone software and would launch the first Asimware-based products by the fourth quarter of this year, Romoser said.

"This will be a growth driver for Iomega in the future," he said.

Canada's Asimware Innovations develops CD read-write software, including "skins" software so users can customize the look of the screens, Iomega said.