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Jazz activate Benoit

BOSTON — The Jazz on Friday activated veteran forward David Benoit and placed rookie guard DeShawn Stevenson on the injured list. Stevenson, according to the team, is suffering from tendinitis in his right knee.

Reality, though, more likely suggests that the 19-year-old first-round draft choice is simply taking his turn on the injured list, a convenient way to stash extra players beyond the 12 allowed on the active roster. Stevenson is averaging 2.0 points in 38 games played.

Benoit had been on the list since Jan. 25 with a supposed strain in the deltoid muscle of his right shoulder. He averaged 3.3 points and 1.6 rebounds in the prior 32 games.

Two other players not in the regular rotation of Jazz coach Jerry Sloan have also taken turns on the list: Quincy Lewis is on now with supposed knee tendinitis, and Scott Padgett was on earlier with the same stated injury.