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German tourist's killer gets sentence of 35 years to life

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man who fatally shot a German tourist in a botched robbery was sentenced Monday to serve from 35 years to life in prison, while an accomplice was given 16 years to life.

Superior Court Judge Lance Ito imposed sentence on 23-year-old Lamont Dion Santos after reading an impassioned letter from the tourist's widow that described the horror of watching her husband murdered.

Ito convicted Santos last month of first-degree murder, attempted murder and attempted robbery, in a trial without jury. All three defendants in the case waived a jury trial.

In October 1998, Santos and three others tried to rob 50-year-old Horst Fietze, who was on vacation from Germany with his wife and some friends. Fietze apparently did not understand the robbers' demands, failed to hand over his bag and was shot to death.