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Cleanups set along river

It's time for a little spring cleaning along the Jordan River.

The University of Utah and the Great Salt Lake Audubon Society are planning several cleanup days during April and May. The first is being orchestrated by the University's Lowell Bennion Community Service Center.

April 7 and 8, canoes filled with volunteers and camping gear will float down a portion of the Jordan River from about 12600 South to 1000 North as part of the second annual Spring Fling River Thing.

Coordinator Craig Condie is expecting about 20 volunteers to help pick up trash and make drops along the way. Volunteers will camp along the river Saturday night. Several cities have agreed to pick up the trash at designated portage points. For more information, phone 581-4811.

The Great Salt Lake Audubon Society's Jeff Salt, director of the Jordan River environmental education program, is organizing a week's worth of cleanup May 12-19, during National River Cleanup Week. Salt is looking for community groups to join in each day.For more information, call 485-2550.