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LDS elder, father recovering after attack

Family hopes to return to U.S. from Brazil by Friday

The father of a missionary shot by assailants in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 10 was released from the hospital late Monday afternoon.

And doctors expect to release Elder Bradley Green, a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometime Wednesday.

Green and his father, Garth Green, were both shot in a robbery attempt after they inadvertently drove their rental car into a slum area of Rio after dark. Wendy Green, wife of Garth Green, was not injured. The parents, of Cedar City, had traveled to Brazil to pick up their son after the completion of his two-year LDS mission.

"They're looking at a Thursday flight to the United States," said President Alan Anderson, president for the Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission. He stressed these plans are tentative because Bradley Green still has a fever, and doctors haven't yet pinned down the source of that infection.

"Doctors have to have an assurance there will be no more lung problems," Anderson said. "They will hold him until at least Wednesday."

Otherwise, both of the men have been standing up and walking, sitting in chairs and conversing with visitors.

"They've been very positive about everything," he said.

Anderson said he saw Bradley Green on Tuesday morning and he was sitting in a chair and looking good.

"Doctors are very encouraged about his condition," he said.

Lori Yardley of Cedar City, sister of Bradley Green, said his fever is lower now than in recent days.

"He's doing very well and eating solid food," she said.

Anderson said Garth Green has a number of metal braces on his arm, which was shattered by bullets. Otherwise, he is doing well.

Yardley said tentative plans are for the Greens to fly out Thursday night from Rio and arrive in Utah by Friday morning. She believes they may have found a way to fly directly into Cedar City, but plans are not yet finalized.

Anderson said the only travel plans clear now are flying to Utah by way of Miami and Dallas.

Anderson said the Rio police officer in charge of the investigation of the shooting told him that authorities don't yet have the suspected shooters in custody, but they do have an alleged associate behind bars. That person may provide information to eventually lead to the capture of the shooters.