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Acid tank leakage injures 2 Pleasant Grove officers

PLEASANT GROVE — Two Pleasant Grove police officers were injured early Saturday when they discovered a leaking tank of hydrochloric acid at a Lindon factory.

The two officers found the spill about 1:15 a.m. at Shaeffer Industries, a steel-coating company. They spotted the leakage from the 1,000-gallon canister after noticing fumes coming out of building vents.

After calling for help from local fire squads and the Utah Highway Patrol's hazardous materials team, the duo were treated at American Fork Hospital for exposure to the fumes of the acid, said Pleasant Grove Fire Chief Mark Hales.

There were no other injuries, Hales said.

Several roads — including Geneva Road and 200 South — were closed for two hours while crews cleaned up the spills. Workers at a nearby business were evacuated for about an hour.