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No place like home for Morgan Freeman

Three-time Academy Award nominee Morgan Freeman, who left Mississippi in the 1950s to pursue his acting career, says there's no place like home.

"One of the smartest moves I've made in life is to come back home," Freeman, 63, said Monday as Mississippi legislators honored his achievements. "I'll remember this always. I think maybe the best thing would've been if my parents had been able to see where their encouragement got me."

Freeman graduated from Greenwood's Broad Street High School in 1955, when schools were segregated. He settled back in the state a decade ago.

"Morgan was the type of person who was in every play," said Sen. David Jordan, who graduated alongside Freeman. "Each time we had a parade for homecoming, Morgan would be riding a bicycle backward along the lines of the parade until the principal would finally pull him over. We knew from the beginning that Morgan Freeman was destined to be an actor."

Freeman has been nominated for Oscars for his roles in "Street Smart," "Driving Miss Daisy" and "The Shawshank Redemption."