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2 housing developments in works for W. Farmington

FARMINGTON — Two large developments are in the works that would add 716 homes to the western part of Farmington.

The 540-lot Farmington Ranches development, being built by the Boyer Co., will be the largest development the city has ever had. A project master plan has been approved by the city for the development on the old Wheeler Farm property.

"It's become a poster child for Envision Utah," said Mayor Gregory Bell. "It is by far the largest project Farmington has ever undertaken. It will be a credit to all involved."

Boyer has already been given the green light to begin construction of the first two phases of the Farmington Ranches development, which contains a total of 163 lots.

Next to Farmington Ranches will be the Farmington Greens subdivision, which will have 176 lots and is being developed by Moyle & Draper.

The developments could mean 3,000 more people in the city, which City Manager Max Forbush estimates now has 13,000 residents.

More residents means more infrastructure.

To accommodate the water needs of the side-by-side subdivisions and the hundreds of new families coming to Farmington, the city must construct a new water tank.

"As far as the water tank goes, we will be paying for it with other impact fees," Forbush said. "The developers are prepaying the water development fees to the tune of about $1.5 million."

The two developers will pay the city $380,000 as a loan to be paid back to them by other developers, who will be paying fees when further development occurs in west Farmington.

The $2,156 water impact fee is charged to each lot along with $1,600 in park impact fees and other related fees, Forbush said.