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Cosmetologists say thanks

For the past several years, a group of very motivated and dedicated professional cosmetologists, nail technicians, aestheticians and school owners have been working with Rep. Sheryl Allen, R-Bountiful, and with the able guidance and direction of lobbyist Candace Daly to accomplish a long-awaited and necessary task of getting legislation (HB105) passed, which requires licensure to perform the services of aesthetics and nail technical work (manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements).

The public will be well-served and more protected because of the legislation, and our people in these areas of the cosmetology profession, who have received some of the best training available in this country, will now be able to have their hours of schooling recognized and accepted toward other states' Board of Cosmetology requirements.

To all who have worked so long and diligently to reach this end, we, as a professional organization, the National Cosmetology Association of Utah, express our undying appreciation and gratitude for a job exceptionally well-done. To all the many professionals, instructors, students and consumers in the state that assisted this effort in any way — questionnaires, telephone polls, survey letters, e-mails and phone calls to our state legislators — thank you for your help and support. Teamwork makes a difference!

To the members of the House of Representatives and Senate, thank you for listening to our concerns and becoming educated enough in a profession that is completely foreign to many of you, to recognize the need for this legislation to become law. We, the 18,000 licensed cosmetologists and an estimated 12,000 nail technicians and aestheticians in the state of Utah, thank you.

Marti Frasier

president, National Cosmetology Association of Utah