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Micron announces slight profit in its semiconductor operations

BOISE — Micron Technology Inc.'s semiconductor operations were "slightly profitable" in the second quarter of the fiscal year, the company said Wednesday.

The company, which has built a giant computer-chip manufacturing plant in Lehi that currently is involved only with chip testing, said net sales for its semiconductor operations totaled $1 billion for the quarter ended March 1.

The company's consolidated results of operations will be released next week.

Micron and its subsidiaries manufacture and market memory and other semiconductor components, memory modules and personal computer systems.

The company said last month it had pushed back the timetable for the Lehi plant to produce prototype 12-inch silicon wafers. The company said low prices for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) products had been cut in half in the past three months because of slack demand for personal computers.

Most of the 800-plus workers at the factory are involved in chip-testing operations for the Boise-based company.