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Tots in child care will hop for leukemia fund-raiser

Children in child-care facilities across the state will take part in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's 14th annual Hop for Leukemia and Lymphoma fund-raiser.

Between now and April 15, child-care facilities can sign up to participate in HOPS and receive a package of information and materials, including a Charlie Brown video.

The children will hop for two minutes, and each child's total will be announced to family and friends who have pledged an amount for each hop. Funds raised will benefit the society's support services and programs of patient aid, public education and research.

Leukemia is the top disease of children ages 1 to 14, and blood-related cancers will strike an estimated 107,900 Americans each year, killing more than half of them.

Each "hopper" and facility will be eligible to win prizes donated by local businesses. For information or to participate, call 801-519-6600 or toll-free, 1-877-243-8908.