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Don't believe Envirocare lies

Envirocare cannot seem to answer one question directly or truthfully. At the March 15 public debate hosted by Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, two hours of hammering on one of a few questions, "How long is the low-level, class B and C waste hazardous?" yielded only misinformation for the public. And this misinformation was promptly reported in Utah's two major newspapers.

Future headlines should read, "Envirocare Spreading False Information; Public is Suspicious of Untrustworthy Waste Company."

How can decision-makers and the public expect to become educated and informed when Envirocare wastes everyone's time with lies and dizzyingly circuitous answers to basic questions about the waste it wants to accept at its facility?

When answering the burning question, Envirocare has now falsely stated publicly that the class B and C waste are hazardous for 100 to 500 years.

The truth is that the 100-, 300- and 500-year rule for class A, B and C waste, respectively, is merely an administrative, arbitrary tool that the federal government selects for managing and monitoring the waste. Those time frames have absolutely nothing to do with the longevity or hazard of the waste.

Envirocare has thoroughly misrepresented federal guidelines. The fact is that the waste is lethal and tenacious and is hazardous for thousands to millions of years. It is also fairly mobile once it gets into the environment.

So let's start hearing some truth, Envirocare. And here is some advice for decision-makers and the public: Get truthful information from the real experts, the regulators of Envirocare.

Robin Jenkins

Erda, Utah