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Floods damage members' homes

Recent heavy rains brought flooding in three South American countries, damaging the homes of several members.

The rains — which have affected areas in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru — are falling during the current wet season in northern and central South America. Flooding damaged the homes and property of many LDS families, but all members and missionaries are reported safe.

"We had about 25 families [in Ecuador] that needed help," said Elder Robert J. Whetten of the Seventy and president of the South America North Area. All of those families have returned to their homes. Local priesthood leaders have been authorized to use fast offerings to assist where needed.

Rainfall in Bolivia and Peru also caused scattered flooding. Three families living in the Lima municipality of San Diego sustained water damage to their homes after a nearby dike broke. One of the homes is likely beyond repair, said area welfare agent Elder George Wheeler.

The homes of four member families living near the Peruvian/Bolivian border were also reportedly damaged.

—Jason Swensen