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General Conference parking, ticket information

Conference Center and parking services officials for the Church have announced arrangements for those attending the Church's 171st Annual General Conference on Saturday, March 31, and Sunday, April 1.

Tickets and admission to the conference

All reserved tickets, standby tickets and parking permits for the five conference sessions have been distributed through local church leaders. Members interested in attending the conference should contact their local leaders.

Conference Center doors will open 90 minutes prior to each meeting. Admission is available to anyone 8 years and older holding a ticket. Reserved ticket holders must be in their seats 30 minutes before the meeting starts. At that time, standby ticket holders may be admitted if seats are available, followed by those in waiting lines.

Cameras, recording devices, backpacks, food and packages are not allowed in the building. Photography is not allowed during the meetings, except by credentialed news media.

Transportation and parking

Those attending the conference are asked to carpool or use public transportation to relieve downtown traffic congestion. During the weekend of general conference, TRAX trains will begin running northbound from the Sandy Civic Center at 7 a.m. and will run southbound from the Delta Center until 11:20 p.m. People traveling from the north are encouraged to use the 600 North off-ramp to access 300 West.

Downtown parking lots will be available Saturday and Sunday morning starting at 7:30 a.m. Anyone who does not have a conference parking permit and who is admitted to the Conference Center may get a ZCMI mall four-hour parking validation at door 14 of the Conference Center for any meeting Saturday or Sunday.

For those with conference parking permits, the locations of parking lot entrances are as follows:

Main Street annex parking lot 128 North Main 61 E. North Temple (north of the Church Office Building), parking for people with disabilities is available.

Church historical parking lot: 119 West North Temple (behind Museum of Church History and Art).

State Street parking lot: 125 North State Street.

200 West parking lots: 75 North 200 West, 40 North 200 West.

West Temple parking: 120 North West Temple.

South Temple parking lot: 250 West South Temple.

300 West parking lot: 60 North 300 West, 275 West North Temple.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building parking plaza: 29 East South Temple.

The ZCMI Center (PERMITS GOOD SUNDAY ONLY): 40 East South Temple.

These parking lots are within short walking distance of the Conference Center. The Church encourages drivers to use these parking arrangements to avoid on-street parking in front of homes in downtown residential areas.