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Judance, 'Sunrise' among special events

The first film to win an Oscar, a classic Laurel and Hardy comedy and several international films featuring Jewish issues are among the movies showcased in special screenings this week:

JUDANCE, Salt Lake's second annual Jewish Film Festival, will spotlight 10 short films and features. It continues through March 28.

Included will be screenings of the documentary "A Life Apart: Hasidism in America" (March 27), 1974's "Hester Street," starring Carol Kane (March 28) and the controversial drama "Speak Up! It's So Dark," filmmaker Suzanne Osten's drama about a skinhead who is being treated by a Jewish therapist.

All screenings star at 7 p.m. in the Olpin Union Building on the University of Utah campus.

Admission to all of the screenings is free, though organizers are requesting donations of canned goods to go to local charities.

For more information, call 581-5291 or log onto the official Web site

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY'S MOTION PICTURE ARCHIVES FILM SERIES presents "An Evening with Laurel and Hardy," featuring films with the beloved comedy duo, on March 28.

Included will be a screening of "Sons of the Desert," the 1933 classic, as well as the short "The Music Box," which features the hilarious piano-moving sequence.

"Sons of the Desert" is in black and white and was made before ratings but would probably receive a G for some slapstick violence .

Show time is 7 p.m. in the Harold B. Lee Library Auditorium (located on the library's first floor, or two floors below the library entrance).

Seating is limited. No food or drink will be permitted in the auditorium, and children under 8 years of age will not be admitted. For further information, call 1-801-378-6371.

THE ORGAN LOFT closes its mini-festival of Academy Award-winning films with a special screening of 1927's "Sunrise," which tied for the very first Best Picture Oscar, on March 30.

Acclaimed director F.W. Murnau's drama focuses on a farmer (George O'Brien) who plans to murder his wife (Janet Gaynor). It is regarded by many to be the finest silent film ever made.

"Sunrise" is in black and white. Live accompaniment for the film will be performed by Blaine Gale on the Wurlitzer Theater Organ.

Showtime is 7:30 p.m. The Organ Loft is at 3331 Edison St. (east of State, just south of 3300 South).

Tickets are $5. For reservations or for information on future Organ Loft programs, call 485-9265.