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Favorites: Pop music star Donny Osmond

Personal: Donny Osmond was born in Ogden on Dec. 9, 1957. He said he began his career at age 6, singing on "The Andy Williams Show." Osmond has been involved with show business ever since.

Not only did he sing lead vocals for his sibling group the Osmonds, but he has had a successful solo career as well. Songs such as "Puppy Love," "The Twelfth of Never" and the No. 1 hit "Go Away Little Girl" put the singer on the charts and made him into a teen idol.

Although primarily a recording artist, Osmond has also been involved in other facets of show business.

He hosted a variety show with his sister, Marie, in the 1970s — "The Donny and Marie Show" — and more recently co-hosted a syndicated daytime talk show with the same title (it was recently canceled). He also co-starred with Marie in the 1978 film "Goin' Coconuts."

For several years he starred on stage in the title role of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," as well as the made-for-video version of that show.

Most recently, Osmond released an album of Broadway tunes called "This Is the Moment," which features songs from "Sweeney Todd," "Rent" and "Seussical the Musical," among others.

Youth entertainment: Although he reads now, Osmond wasn't into reading books when he was young. "I basically read scripts when I was growing up," Osmond told the Deseret News. "I have holes in my education because I wasn't in a classroom for most of my growing up. I did correspondence classes and attended a couple of weeks in grade school. And I also attended one semester at BYU. But that was it. I really regret it now."

Grown-up selections: The lack of reading books when he was young hasn't stopped Osmond from reading as an adult. "I love reading the newspaper," he said. "And I like reading books about theology. This is especially true because people always ask me about what it's like to be a Mormon, as opposed to other religions. So I study up, so I can answer some of their questions."

Osmond doesn't remember the exact title of the last book he read. "It was something like 'Prophesies Revealed' or something like that. My son, who just took off for Italy on a (church) mission, gave it to me in New York. I had only finished a few chapters and told him about what was in it. He asked to borrow it, and I haven't seen it since."

Together time: Osmond has five boys who range from age 5 to 22. He often reads to his 5-year-old. "We have a basket in the living room in our home in Orem. We call it 'the Disney basket' because it's filled with books from Disney and other children's programs. Every afternoon, he pulls a book out, and I read it to him.

"I do wish I would have read more when I was younger," Osmond confessed. "Reading is a very important way to get information, entertainment and develop the imagination."