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Mitt doth protest too much

I'm still trying to figure out how Mitt Romney's ill-advised press conference/public toast last week had any relevance to the big question he hoped it would answer. My guess is the awkward episode made the elephant in the room a few thousand pounds heavier. So when should we expect to see Romney and other male SLOC board members huddled behind the podium, arms firmly planted around their wives' shoulders, proving to the cynical media and the world that not all Utah men have more than one wife?

Come on, Mitt, thou doth protest too much. I can only guess that he's taking public relations and marketing advice from the same genius who suggested it would be a brilliant idea to have the Jazz dancers and sumo wrestlers entertain our international visitors at the speedskating races a few weeks ago.

But in the spirit of the Games, let's make a deal; I promise to stop chortling about your toasting blunder if you promise to not invite the Jazz dancers to the opening ceremonies next February.

Brian Hall