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Don't close 3 S.L. schools

I am appalled by the Salt Lake School Board's decision to close three elementary schools on the east side. My son is in Wasatch Elementary in a class of 24 kids. losing these schools means 1,500 kids willneed to be redistributed throughout the other area schools. This could translate into class sizes of 30 or more.

The school superintendent says class sizes will remain the same and that school services will not be affected by this change. I have done the math, and I do not see how that argument holds up to scrutiny.

Neighborhood schools are a treasure of Salt Lake life. There is a certain "small town" feel to being able to walk your children a short distance to school along historic tree-lined streets. For generations, this focus on a "walkable" community has translated into keeping Salt Lake City unique. It enables us to interact with our neighbors in a way that is prohibited in most of the suburban areas in the Salt Lake Valley.

We need to send a message that we do not want our local elementary schools closed. If we allow this change, we will be changing the unique character of urban life in Salt Lake City forever. I urge you to contact your local PTA representative and school board member to voice your opinion against school overcrowding.

For more information on the school board's decision, go to the Web page at:

Don Ulvestad

Salt Lake City