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Classic movies need support

Both the classic movies series at Jordan Commons and the Avalon Theater in South Salt Lake are having trouble attracting moviegoers. The Avalon might stop showing the classics altogether and the classic movie series at Jordan Commons might be discontinued if more people don't support them.

I've gone to many of the classics at both theaters this past year, and they are truly great movies on the big screen, but even more, they're great entertainment. To see the lack of response in this community is sad, to say the least, especially in this community that supposedly prides itself on its higher values.

Maybe the moviegoers in the Salt Lake Valley need their fix of graphic violence, sex, nudity and language. If so, there are plenty of these movies all over the valley, but for moviegoers like me, losing these great classics on the big screen will be a tragedy, especially when one sees theaters such as the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto, Calif., which has been showing the classic movies for the past 12 years and is attracting a very large audience for them.

For those of you who want great and enjoyable movies to go and see and enjoy, even if it has been years since you've seen them, then please put your money where your mouth is and support these two theaters and the classics so as a community we won't lose this wonderful entertainment. If we do lose it, then shame, shame, shame.

Howard Sager