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Local births

Cottonwood Hospital-

AMES, Lori and Thomas, Salt Lake City, girl, March 21.

CHRISTENSEN, Jenny and Trevor, Salt Lake City, boy, March 21.

JENSEN, Tracie and Shane, Murray, girl, March 21.

RILEY, Sheryl and Nicholas, West Valley City, girl, March 21.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ALLENBAUGH, Joy Louise and Ricky Lane, Hill AFB, boy, March 19.

BROWN, Jana Camille, Salt Lake City, girl, March 18.

CABAZOS, Jeneth McQueen and Brandon Ray, Riverdale, girl, March 18.

FAVILA, Charlene Belinda, and PAREDES, Enrique, Ogden, girl, March 19.

FORD, Tamara Dawn and Stuart Jay, Clinton, boy, March 19.

KILLEBREW, Shari Marie and Karlton David, Clearfield, boy, March 17.

LEWIS, Lizabeth Anne and Michael Hanks, Clearfield, girl, March 19.

McROBERTS, Megyn Yuri and Matthew Ammon, Layton, girl, March 18.

MIZELL, Britt and John Robert Jr., Roy, boy, March 17.

OLIVERSON, Stephanie Marie and Andrew Michael, Roy, boy, March 18.

PENROD, Laura Lee and Scot Joseph, Farr West, girl, March 18.

POST, Michele Lee and Thomas Joseph, Clinton, girl, March 18.

SADDLER, Brenda Kaye and Steven Eugene, Clinton, girl, March 18.

SEEGMILLER, McKenna Shae and Ryan Leo, Ogden, girl, March 18.

SLATER, Erin Marie and Arron Ralph, Clearfield, girl, March 19.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Michelle, Tooele, girl, March 16.

CHAVARRIA, Sylvia, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

FREEMAN, Jennifer and James, Salt Lake City, girl, March 16.

FRY, Tanya and Ben, Salt Lake City, boy, March 15.

GERTSON, Lynda and Jeff, Salt Lake City, girl, March 16.

JACOBO, Olivia and Cesar, Wendover, boy, March 15.

JENSEN, Angela and Peter, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

JONES, Jenny and Marshall, Bountiful, girl, March 16.

LEMON, Linda and Kevin, Bountiful, girl, March 15.

MADDOX, Jamie and William, Riverton, girl, March 15.

PERKINS, Suzanne and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, March 15.

PRICE, Mary and Taft, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

RICHARDSON, Jami and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, March 15.

RIES, Ginger and Greg, Midway, girl, March 16.

THOMAS, Mindy and Matthew, Bountiful, girl, March 15.

WATERS, Michelle and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

WHITE, Rebecca and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, March 15.

WILDE, Debra and Craig, Salt Lake City, boy, March 16.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ARNOLD, Jaidee Lynn and Phillip John, Ogden, girl, March 13.

BAILEY, Nancy Ann and Lonny Halvor, Eden, girl, March 14.

CHILD, Kathleen and Wayne Harris, Brigham City, girl, March 13.

CRAIG, Rachell Jean and Elrachio, Layton, girl, March 15.

CRAWLEY, Jennifer and Mark Duane, Roy, girl, March 17.

DIAL, Julie and Jody S., West Haven, boy, March 16.

ENMAN, Staci Lynette and Clinton Arthur, Ogden, boy, March 15.

FOWERS, Tiffini Kim and Travis England, Roy, girl, March 13.

FRANCIS, Leslee and Kenton Lee, Layton, boy, March 15.

GOCHIS, Julie Beverly and James Lee, Roy, boy, March 13.

HARPER, Megan Jean and Christopher Paul, Kaysville, boy, March 14.

HINSLEY, Susan Jill and Daniel Brent, Roy, boy, March 15.

JENKINS, Heather Lynn and Dan James, North Ogden, girl, March 13.

KUNZLER, Christie Lyn and MIchael Paul, Ogden, boy, March 14.

LePELLEY, Jodee Lee and Danniel Lee, Roy, boy, March 16.

PADOVICH, Melanie and Mikele Roman II, Roy, girl, March 15.

SCHOFIELD, Lisa Christine and Brad Blaine, Roy, boy, March 13.

SMITH, Vanessa, Kaysville, girl, March 15.

STEPHENS, Pamela and Rod Davis, Kaysville, boy, March 16.

THOMPSON, Michele Kay and Michael James, Roy, girl, March 14.

TUTTLE, Rebecca and Matthew Fred, Ogden, girl, March 18.

ZAMORA, Rafaela and Pablo, Ogden, girl, March 15.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BERRY, Susan Faye and Jason Edward, Magna, girl, March 17.

BOWERS, Tannia and Ridgley Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, March 16.

CHIEF, Valerie Maria, and STASH, Jonathan, Salt Lake City, girl, March 17.

COOK, Shali Ann and Justin Paul, Woods Cross, girl, March 16.

CORDOVA, Staci Louise, and GREGG, Darin, Salt Lake City, boy, March 16.

DEWSNUP, Melanie and Darin Shane, Herriman, girl, March 16.

FRAME, Rebecca Anne and Douglas Fredrick, Salt Lake City, girl, March 16.

HAIGHT, Stacy Leah and Robert Jared, Riverton, boy, March 17.

HOOSER, Deanna Lynn and John Matthew, West Jordan, boy, March 16.

JACOBSON, Angeline and Brandon E., West Jordan, boy, March 17.

JESSOP, Stacy Rae and Anthony James, Midvale, boy, March 17.

MONTES de OCA, Krista Marie and Alejandro. Salt Lake City, boy, March 16.

RICKS, Lacey and Scott Clark, Murray, girl, March 17.

SKAUG, Tiffany Ann and Brice Jason, Salt Lake City, girl, March 17.

SLAYMAKER, Heather and Cory Douglas, Tooele, boy, March 17.

SWING, Jennifer Jean and Shannon Walter, Draper, boy, March 16.

WILLIAMS, Shauna Lynn, and ALLAN, Courtney, Murray, boy, March 17.