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Some teachers bully young

A lot has been said recently about bullying, teasing and harassment among students within our schools. I agree it is a problem that needs to be discussed more in our homes and at school. We need to teach tolerance, which would increase respect. We as parents help build our children's self-esteem, teach them and help their confidence grow. These are great tools that can help them combat the sneers and remarks from their peers.

But there are some teachers who tear down what we as parents try to build up in our children. How do you combat the harassment students get from teachers? If this is happening at my son's middle school, I'm sure it is happening at more schools.

I wish a study could be done on the occurrence of this problem. It would help the teachers be accountable for their actions. Schools want to sweep it under the rug. They want to change the schedule of students to avoid incidents. But teachers are getting away with the very acts that students get school suspension for.

Teaching is hard, I agree. Classes are overcrowded, and teachers have "bad" days. But the teachers who name call, push and bully some of their students are not worthy of the name "teacher."

Cammie Eagan

West Jordan